Pathways To Success

Discover The Power Within

By Simon Cartwright

A ThinkPositive Coaching Publication

Pathways To Success is an inspiring and motivational handbook for success. It will teach you the simple yet little known methods to set you on the path to define and reach your own personal success. The 10 pathways revealed will introduce you to the different elements of success and show you how to use them.

As you reach the end of each Pathway actions will be shown to you, allowing you to use your new found knowledge. Not only this, it will also reveal where to discover new information that will further deepen your increased consciousness.

Pathways To Success will show you how you can harness the power that is already within you to create the life you truly deserve, Start Your Journey Today…..

At the age of 33 Simon Cartwright arrived in London from the Gold Coast, Australia. He had 2 bags and a credit card with just £100 left on it.  However he also had something else, an optimistic outlook and for him this was a new start. For many it would seem that Simon had got his trip the wrong way round but Simon in his young life had already been married and divorced twice, had battled with drug and alcohol abuse, and financially had nothing behind him. Yet despite all this, “Mr Happy” as he would become know by his friends, had an unbreakable spirit.

Taking different jobs as he explored the UK Simon became increasingly interested in listening and reading materials on personal and spiritual development. As he became more immersed in this subject others started to approach Simon for guidance and advice.

Eventually Simon decided to make his passion his profession and in 2009 he formed ThinkPositive Coaching with his friend and business partner Brodie Asaris. In the same year he decided to take his many years of experience in personal and spiritual development and turn it into a book to allow others to achieve their own definition of success.

The result was “Pathways to Success”

Imagine The Feeling  When You….
  • Start feeling happier from day one
  • Learn how to create abundance in your life
  • Truly understand and master the law of attraction
  • Remove fear and negativity forever
  • Evaporate those limiting beliefs
  • Achieve lasting inner happiness
  • Become the master of your own destiny
  • Jump out of bed with the exuberance of a five year old.
  • See the mists clear and your perfect path open up before your eyes


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pathways to success

Annette Densham – Director, Write Here Media Australia

"On life’s journey, we sometimes take the wrong path, get lost and wonder why we
are where we are. Pathways to Success is an awesome compass for people to find
their true path and get on with fulfilling their dreams and goals. Simon’s no
nonsense style is fresh and transparent – you know you are reading a book written
by someone who has travelled the wrong paths in life and has had the courage to
course correct. Pathways to Success is a wonderful guide of practical strategies for
anyone at any stage of their journey."

Damien Sayer – Property Investor & Boxer

The realisations that I have come to in the last few months have been reiterated by Pathways and added confidence to my conclusions as well as adding new techniques such as the EFT which I found particularly interesting.
Having read Pathways that has all changed it is helping me with my energy for business and life.
Pathways is a complete step by step and encapsulates so many things in such an amazing concise format that when I finished it one of my first thought was “what else can this guy have to write about/teach?”
Well from a personal level let me just say thank you because you have confirmed a great deal to me and all the stuff about the heart energy being stronger than your logical minds energy… I love it!!”

Annie Heggie – Grandmother and Enterpreneur

"Wonderful, an easy book to read with so much information, but straightforward and written in an easy accessible style. also links for further reading. A book for all the family from me, the nearly old age to teenagers, my grand-daughter (15) is enjoying the read. Pathways to Success is a complete step by step guide which will change your life. Thanks Simon"

A Message From Simon

"Pathways To Success" is the culmination of my knowledge gained on what has at sometimes been a very difficult journey. In the end the positive mindset taught to me by my mentors always triumphed over adversity. I look forward to sharing these powerful and life changing methods with you. To your success Simon Cartwright.
pathways to success